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Once in a few years!

In today’s democracies, we have the right to have our say only once in a few years: Elections Time.

But when the Moment finally arrives, we are only allowed one word: an unambiguous, plain “Yes!”

After that, we have no further control or power over the doings of our representatives.

In fact, there is nothing we can do if they fail to fulfill our expectations or if they turn corrupted, vicious or inclined to dictatorship.

We are simply supposed to wait patiently until the next electoral cycle…when we shall quietly and dutifully endow other politicians…

Imagining A Different School

The Two Most Dangerous Myths

“The Natural Genius”

Do geniuses really exist?

In short, yes, but their talents are usually focused on a given area. Think music, sport, coding, or physics.

No human being can be perfect in everything. There is no born “all A-level” student.

Bright students are actually hardworking individuals who consciously invest a great deal of their time and resources into learning…and they do so in the attempt to compensate for not being naturally and magically “good at everything”.

The high price of being on top

High-achieving students are often chasing grades, which…

I. The Open-access Revolution

II. University For All: The Challenge Of Inclusive Higher Education

The time has come!

We are now moving towards a world in which education has a real chance of turning inclusive.

New technologies enable us to create a culture of autonomous self-paced learning and open-source textbooks. Given the rapid development of communication means, we can hope to remove access barriers such as price, distance, the unavailability of learning spaces or the shortage of teaching staff.

For the first time in human history, education has the potential to reach absolutely everyone. The Revolution has started.

Learning is…

№1: Education is not free, but it should be.

Going to school is not granted. Academic degrees are not for everyone. Low-income and vulnerable persons are still excluded. This is unacceptable!

Here are the 9 other reasons why 21st century Education is seriously outdated:

No. 2: The lack of learner autonomy aka “We don’t really get to choose.”

Many graduates say that they feel confused and less passionate about their future careers than they were at the beginning of their studies. Could this lack of enthusiasm be due to the fact that they were never allowed to make choices in the first place?

As a matter of fact, learners…

Book+Tech: A Mixed Feelings Relationship

Since the dawn of civilization, writing has been used for communication, learning and… imagining the non-existent.

We still have myriads of stories to tell. But the future of reading is uncertain. This is even truer in the case Literature will end up being absorbed into the newer Digital Arts Forms.

Digitalized brains vs. “Stone Age” tools

By this time, there is no doubt that Literature is not as popular as it was during the past centuries. …

How to use QR Codes for Connecting and Engaging

QR Codes are not just trendy design bits. This is a technology which can offer nonprofits creative possibilities for engaging their public.

This is a list of ideas for using QR Codes in order to bring people together with the purpose of connecting and mobilizing for a good cause.

1. Use QR codes in order to…BUILD IDENTITY

QR codes can help target a specific group, by reaching solely its members, wherever they are physically close to each other or united in a virtual community.

The codes could be posted in the community’s meeting places and/or in the areas most frequented…

Part I- The concept

What is this idea about?

Simply put, it is about converting public rating and consumption time of creative works into financial support for the authors.

Visibility+favorable rating =>direct funding for the creator.

The key-proposal: monetizing consumption time

People invest time in following their favorite creators and rating their work. This time could be monetized in favor of both public and authors.

Consumers could get free access to (nowadays copyrighted) content in exchange of their willingness to provide feedback and build authentic public opinion trends.

Authors could be paid based on the visibility and positive reception of…

The spaces we live in shape our means and patterns of communication. It is well known that a place’s architecture and design may encourage or hinder social interaction.

Although urban ills such as exclusion, alienation, racism or criminality cannot be linked directly to the city’s face, specialists dare to affirm that the urban environment does influence significantly our moods, behavior and communication style.

Taking it to the street

If design and architecture matter, what can we do to bring city residents closer? How can we create public spaces that encourage interaction, peaceful exchanges and mutual respect?

Any attempt at exploring

An Innovative Tech Solution for Fresh Food Transport

Food Wastage=>Hunger

One major cause of World Hunger is avoidable and unnecessary food wastage.

FAO estimates that one third of all food produced (1.3 billion tones) is never consumed, wasting not just the opportunity to feed the hungry, but also the planet’s natural resources involved in producing it.

Food: discarded not donated

In middle and high-income countries, food waste at the retail and consumer level tends to be highest. In every such household, at some point, edible products get thrown away.

The reasons for discarding food may well be subjective (such as…


English is not my mother tongue and Earth is not my home. Forgive the language mistakes and read my words. I write for the people I do not know.

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